XV Commercial Fair

PABEXPO fairgrounds,
October 17-20, 2022. Havana, Cuba.



Dear colleagues:

The Ministry of Public Health is pleased to invite you to participate in the XIV edition of “Health for All” Trade Fair, to be held from october 17 to 20, 2022 at the Pabexpo fairgrounds.

This event will be held held as part of “Cuba Salud 2022” International Health Convention and will be an appropriate framework for national and foreign publishers, companies, laboratories, universities and specialized firms interested in promoting trade relations by presenting their products, technologies and other health-related materials at the event. Participants will also have the opportunities to make presentations, lectures and attend business meetings.

The convention is sponsored by prestigious national organizations in international and has among its purposes to discuss health in Cuba and the rest of the world.

This important forum will exchange on the current and future challenges of Public Health in the world, with an emphasis on global health needs. Within this framework, conferences and presentations of new technologies, services and products that relate to the field of health will be held.

We are sure that Havana’s hospitality will contribute to the participants to spend fruitful days of scientific exchange and recreation which, in turn, will contribute to further strengthen our relations of friendship and cooperation.

  • Dr. José Angel Portal Miranda

  • Minister of Public Health


Wang Jianwei

President of the China National Huachen Energy Holdings (Group) Co Ltd (CHC)

Zhang Shichun 

Director de mercado ultramar de CHINA MEHECO

Dra. Nathalia Murillo Porras

Cluster Ecosystem Lead Roche Pharma Cuba, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua

Alejando Iglesias González
Administrador y Gerente Único   Histokit

Dra. Virginia Cozzi Vilches

Gerente de Operaciones Clínicas y Licencia de Operación para Roche Centroamérica, Caribe y Venezuela

Adriana Salazar Ureña

Directora Comercial Centroamérica y el Caribe

Roberta Ricci
Presidenta R&P Company

Dra. Maria Clara Horsburgh
Directora Médica Roche Pharma Centroamérica & El Caribe y Venezuela

Dr. Josué Hidalgo Godinez
HTA Specialist Roche Centroamérica, Caribe, Venezuela

Lic. José Aguilar Serrano
Consultor de Salud, Roche Diagnóstica Centroamérica & El Caribe

Dr. Jorge Ferrari
Director de Ciencia de Asprius Technology

Dr. Carlos A. Castro
Director Regional de distribución América Latina y Asia Pacifico. Asociates of Cape Cod. Chile